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Ideas For How to Get 10,000 Steps In Your Day

How to increase your steps to 10,000 daily


How do you get 10,000 steps in a day? Walking is one of the best exercises and you don’t need the motivation to do it. There are ways to walk throughout the day to get 10,000 steps a day, even without having to spend an hour walking.

Walking was my grandmother’s favorite exercise once her doctor told her she needed to start taking care of her health. When you ask anyone who my grandmother was they would tell you that she was unstoppable and up at the crack of town to walk all over town and chat people up.

Split Up Your Steps into Different Parts of the Day

How to get 10,000 steps a day

You don’t need to have all your steps done in one time. You can get in your 10,000 steps by thinking about the different times of the day when you are available to get more walking in, instead of focusing on the number and becoming overwhelmed.

For me I know that during the morning I have a routine that the kids need everything before I get even a sip of coffee. Breakfast, getting dressed, having the bookbags packed and ready. Don’t forget about the cats needing food and water.

I’m usually up for 2 hours before I get time to think about getting my steps in. Knowing my schedule allows me now to focus more on the time after they have gone to school to start getting my steps in.

You don’t want to reach the end of the day and have to go for a 2-hour walk every night because you didn’t walk enough during the day. Get the number of hours you are up and split that day up.

Here’s an example; knowing you are available for walking for 12 hours a day, so then you would try to get in 833 steps about every hour.

If you have time to go for long walks, such as in the morning before work if you work outside the home, during your breaks or when going shopping, before dinner, and in the evenings.

Always Take the Stairs Every Time You Can

This is a very simple way to get in more steps, no matter where you are. If you have a meeting at the school or an appointment and it’s on the third floor, take the stairs every time you go anywhere. Since that is two full flights of stairs coming and going.

When you’re at work, go up the stairs, and if you like shopping in the mall, skip the elevator or escalator. Simple small things you can do that increase your steps and get in a good workout at the same time.

Find the Long Route

Another way to increase your steps and get closer to your 10,000 step goal is by identifying the long route to different places. If you are able to drop your son off in his kindergarten classroom, you walk the other way around the building to get to the parking lot. I know sometimes that schools don’t allow this type of drop off but if you can, take advantage of it.

Think about the many different ways you have to do a little more walking.

Take More Trips

Stop trying to carry all the laundry baskets on top of each other or bringing in 15 grocery bags at one time. These small tasks are available to give you the opportunity to get a few more steps in. Bring just a few grocery bags in at a time so you have to keep going out to the car to get more. Carry just a single load of laundry at a time so you have to do more walking back and forth in your home.

Once you start breaking your steps down you can see that it’s not that difficult to get  10,000 steps each day. Before you know it you will be going over that number!



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