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Not Your Father’s Jug of Joy – Delicious Adult Holiday Drink

It’s Christmas Eve, you’re set to host a dinner for your in-laws and your house looks like Jumanji threw up everywhere. The cat has knocked down all the lights off the tree, the kids have stains on their new clothes and you forgot to set a timer for the ham. Now all you want to do is sit in the corner and cry but I have a secret drink that can get you through the holidays.

It starts with some Not Your Father’s Root Beer and ends with you feeling all warm and fuzzy and not caring that your toddler was playing in the toilet 5 minutes before dinner.

Ingredients for Not Your Father's Root Beer holiday drink

I came around to Not Your Father’s Root Beer after everyone had been obsessed with it. What took me so long? Skepticism I guess, I have always loved root beer but how on earth could adding alcohol to it taste good?

Well it tastes like going back to bed after putting the kids on the bus, and that is a blissful feeling. That really doesn’t happen much though, like rarely, okay never.

Not your father's root beer with eggnog recipe

Now I’m a big fan of Christmas and this root beer so naturally there had to be a way to fuse my two loves together. Then comes along egg nog to give me a little nudge in the right direction.

Let’s talk about egg nog for a minute because there are two kinds of people. Those who can drink it right out of the jug or those who add some booze to it and then proceed to pull you closer during the holiday party to tell you how they are going to get their life right at the mark of the New Year.


We all have that family member who goes a little too much into the alcoholic egg nog and then the party really starts to liven up. You can keep that aunt/uncle/whoever in line with this recipe though, control is key since we all want to save the calories for that dinner!

Not Your Father’s Jug of Joy – Delicious Adult Holiday Drink

Yield: 1

Not Your Father’s Jug of Joy – Delicious Adult Holiday Drink


  • 3 oz egg nog
  • 3 oz apple cider
  • 3 oz Not Your Father's Root Beer
  • granny smith apple, cut into chunks
  • ice cubes


  1. 1. In a large container with a screw top of other closable lid combine egg nog, apple cider and NYFRB and stir.
  2. 2. Add ice cubes and apple chunks into a large Mason style glass or mug and chill glass in the freezer for 12 - 15 minutes..
  3. 3. Pour chilled cocktail into glass.
  4. 4. Optional toppings: whip cream, cinnamon or to make a delicious float add a healthy dollop of vanilla ice cream.
  5. 5. Serve.

Not Your Father's Root Beer holiday egg nog drink

If you don’t want to share this with anyone I don’t blame you. It will certainly make the holidays more cheery.


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