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DIY Acai Berry Sugar Scrub

Tired of spending a lot of money on a scrub and having it take up a lot of space? Maybe you want to gift a body scrub to a friend or have a variety of scents.

I am going to be sharing with you a series of homemade sugar scrubs that will change your beauty routine.

make your own acai berry sugar scrub


Gather materials:

1 cup Acai Berry body wash

2 cups granulated sugar

food coloring – optional

bowl, whisk, spatula, wide mouth funnel

jars with lids

How to Make Acai Berry Sugar Scrub:

  • In a mixing bowl, combine the sugar and body wash until well combined.  Add in the food coloring if desired -this will give it a more vibrant color.  I prefer to use gel-based food colorings for this.
  • Place the funnel inside the first jar. Portion out some of the sugar scrub. Repeat with the remaining jar(s).Make your own sugar scrub
  • I chose to use two 8 ounce jars. I love the plastic because they won’t break in the shower.

If you want to download labels to put on your jars, fill out the form below!

Acai Berry Sugar Scrub Label

Click to get your free Acai Berry Scrub label


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